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  5. "Is mise Raonaid."

"Is mise Raonaid."

Translation:I am Rachel.

April 7, 2020



Why do they get male speakers to read sentences like this. It is not a typical thing to hear, is it?


Typical or not, it’s not unimaginable. You could hear that eg. on a meeting with a male Gaelic author who reads his book to the audience aloud and has the sentence Is mise Raonaid therein.

And as you might have noticed – Duolingo quite often uses atypical, but grammatically correct and translatable, sentences in its courses, its goal certainly isn’t to expose the learner only to typical conversation sentences. You might dispute whether it is better or worse method of teaching, but it is what Duolingo does.


I'm not going to argue.


Adding to what silmeth said, audio was recorded on a skill-by-skill basis. Everyone who recorded audio was given a skill or skills to record. They recorded all the sentences in the skill, regardless of whether it 'ought' to be spoken by a male or female speaker. We have neither the time nor the resources to sort through sentences in that way :)

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I'm a sign language interpreter. I am female, but regularly get to introduce 'myself' in a variety of names that aren't mine, including male ones if the deaf person is male. Lots of possibilities for something like this. :)


The audio is much better on this recording than the other male speaker which sounds like raonaid starts with a v, or is that a possible variation?

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