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Feature suggestion

Hi guys--

I've been at the Duolingo thing for several weeks now, and I've begun to notice the lack of a feature that would, at least for me, be very helpful.

Lots of times I'll listen to the French voice say a sentence or phrase, and I'll get everything--except for one word. If I want to hear that word again, I have to play the entire sentence again. If you're doing that on slow mode, over and over, just so you can hear that one word, not only does it take ages (some of the sentences are v. long), but it's annoying.

So what if you could just highlight a single word in the written sentence, and get a playback of just that word? That you could play over and over until you got it?

I don't know about everyone else, but this would help me. Thanks! :)

August 7, 2012



great idea!!! once i got a word wrong just because i couldn't hear the pronunciation!!!! I agree that it should be a feature. Maybe you should write a letter to duolingo about that> their address/hq is found at the bottom of the home page(i think)!!!!


Hi JD123! I figured the Duolingo people would see my suggestion here. But you could have a point about submitting it to them more directly. I'll see what happens over the next few days, then decide. And thanks for the support! :) Much appreciated.


your welcome!!!! BTW: I really like your thinking!!! Do you have any more suggestions for duolingo


I'm doing the French course, and, as has been observed by many others as well as myself, the recorded voice could be clearer. So I was wondering about having other voices, like maybe a male voice, or a child's voice, mixed in, so you'd start to get used to different sounds and cadences of French speech.

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