"How many bakers make bread?"

Translation:Quot pistores panem faciunt?

April 7, 2020

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If Quot pistores panem faciunt? is asking for the quantity of bakers, how would you ask for the quantity of bread (or something else, like cookies)?

That is, how would you ask:

  • How much bread do the bakers make?

  • How many cookies do the bakers make?

  • How much bread do the bakers make?

I am not sure if what Giuseppe.Str would be correct since if I am not mistaken quot is a plural adjective (i.e. it is used with plural nouns) so it would not work with panem.

Maybe: Quantum panem pistores faciunt? but I am not 100% at the moment, this may mean something more about the size of a loaf.

You could maybe use quot should it be more How many loaves do the bakers make? -> Quot panes pistores faciunt?

  • How many cookies do the bakers make?

Quot crustula pistores faciunt? probably.


Quot panem pistores faciunt?


Quot? why not Quanti?


"Quanti" means "how much", whilst "quot" means "how many" (asking for a specific number)


I accidentally typed pictores instead of pistores, but duo didn't find. Why?

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