I am a 6th grade Spanish teacher. I created classes in Duolingo for all my students. I noticed that Duolingo is not allowing me to have access to the stories if I do not pass Check Point 1? Can I have access to the stories so my I can recommend/assign my 6th graders to read a story in Duolingo?

Gracias, Karin

April 7, 2020


Yes!!! Tinydynamicduo is working hard behind-the-scenes to support the teaching of Duolingo Stories. Go to this link

This is a work in progress, so as you think of needs or ideas or support, please add them in the comments on that page!

With the resources found on this page, you can:

-Send your students the sound files

-Send your students the scripts

-Send your students the questions

-Send your students the scripts with the questions embedded.

This last week, I assigned a story that my students had not unlocked yet, by giving them the sound file and the script. I told them that after they had listened to the story and read along a couple of times, they were to print the script, cut it into strips, scramble the strips, and then re-assemble the story in order. Then they could listen again and re-check.

I'm trying to come up with more games that the students can play to keep them engaged. Please post on the link above as you think of some!

Stories have evolved from the BETA Labs project not a too long time ago.

I am not aware that there is any stories feature (assignment or ignore / hiding several of them) support for school classrooms yet?!

So I would think that what you see on is only related to a (your) Duolingo account in a direct way.
And it will probably for a pupil (student account) in the same way without that you, the teacher, can control it.

Please correct me if I understood it wrong or something has changed recently.

I want this too!

We need to all leave comments and follow the same one to get DuoLingo's attention. Apparently gathering votes is the only way they will implimenta a feature:

This is the top forum for the request for DuoLingo Stories Request: If we all follow and vote and comment on the same one below, maybe we will have a better chance at getting them to implement assigning DuoLingo Stories!

let's group together on the forum that has the most comments already:

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