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how to find out which student a username belongs to

There is one student who joined my duolingo classroom but their username I don't recognize. It reads "tu.8zPhLNaXIAP77" and their e-mail does not exist. It is tu.8zPhLNaXIAP77@duolingo.com

How do I find out who this is?

April 7, 2020



This happens when the student has a temporary account.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way currently to pinpoint this to a specific student. My suggestion is to use the option for Duolingo to create the student's account when adding to the classroom and the students to cease using these accounts.

Note: I moved this to the Educators forum.


This has happened to me occasionally over the years. Try to use process of elimination to figure out which student, and then reach out to that student. Have them log in again, go to their blue silhouette in the upper right corner, scroll down to "settings," then click on "progress sharing," and enter your class code again. That should fix the problem. If they can't get in/remember their account, then they will have to start over again.

I hope this helps!

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