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  5. "Did you buy new furniture?"

"Did you buy new furniture?"

Translation:Tu as acheté de nouveaux meubles ?

April 7, 2020



Why not "As-tu..."?


as-tu was rejected and I don't know why.


Because there was a mistake elsewhere in your answer and the system sent you the main translation which starts with "Vous avez", as a "correction". Have you compared your translation with the correction word by word or just noticed that the beginning was different?

Next time, carefully read the correction and if it still is not clear for you, please add your entire answer in your comment so that we can tell you where your mistake was.


because the "standard" answer seems to be accidentally stored as "As-tu achetéde nouveaux meubles?" without a space between acheté and de


As-tu acheté de nouveaux meables?


That might be it. I've been known to not notice typos, even after checking 2 or 3 times. Thanks.


why is it "de" not "le "please


First it couldn't be le as the following noun is plural, so that would have been les . But then in the english sentence it should have been the , and it's not the case. Therefore it would be des but because it is followed by an adjective, it's de.

J'ai acheté la pomme. I bought the apple.
J'ai acheté les pommes. I bought the apples.
J'ai acheté une pomme. I bought an apple.
J'ai acheté des pommes I bought apples.
J'ai acheté de belles pommes I bought nice apples.


Nice explanation. 1 Lingot for you.


Pourquoi pas de S a furniture ??


For me it was corrected to : 'As tu achetéde nouveaux meubles?' whereas I had chosen 'acheté de' from the pot of pre-populated words. Why are they joined in this scenario?


They should not be. There is a typo in the system.


why is de nouveaux and not des nouveaux


When the plural indefinite article des appears immediately before an adjective, it changes to de. This occurs with BANGS adjectives, which come before the noun, as well as with adjectives placed before the noun with a subjective meaning.

Source: Tips & Notes


Est ce que tu achetes des nouveaux meubles" why not des


It should be Est-ce que tu as acheté (hyphen between est and ce plus acheter in the passé composé for tutu as acheté ) and des becomes de when it is immediately followed by an adjective, as I mentioned in the post above yours.


As-tu works now guys!

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