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"Cha robh mi a' coimhead, bha thusa a' coimhead!"

Translation:I was not looking, you were looking!

April 7, 2020



A' coimhead is pronounced completely differently in the spoken sentence, from the pronunciation on the word tile. Is this a dialectal thing?


It sounded like "cait" to me (as in plural of "cat"). I reported it when this happened in a different example just in case it's a mistake.


There are two entirely different pronunciations of the word "coimhead" in this exercise! One pronunciation in the audio of the sentence and a different one when the "coimhead" tiles are clicked! I have noticed this in some other exercises. Can there not be some consistency within the lessons? I can understand it if different exercises might have different ways of saying words, but not in the same exercise. Just an observation.


Why is watching not accepted? There's no context given.


It is accepted here.


agreed. Two entirely different pronunciations of a'coimhead in the tile words as opposed to the sentence.


how come the spoken sound is totally different to that that comes on when you select the words?


Is looking pronounced Coy et, or Kate?


Why is It was not me looking, it was you looking not acceptable here?


It should be, for a looser translation anyway. Technically: "I was not watching, you were watching" is more accurate. Your translation would come from something more like «Cha b ’e mise a bha a’ coimhead ...».


i only had the word 'looking' once in the word tiles . Couldn't make the sentence correctly


There's something wrong here. The tips say a' coimhead is watching or looking, indeed in the previous question using that verb I put in watching and it was accepted - why is "I was not watching, you were watching!" not accepted here?


I thought this was pronounced coyid? Coimhead.

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