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  5. "Zij neemt de schoenen."

"Zij neemt de schoenen."

Translation:She takes the shoes.

July 18, 2014



I chose "nemen" out of the three options; neem, neemt and nemen. I know neemt is right also but doesn't "nemen" work in this case too? If no why not?


Yes, "nemen" would be grammatically correct too. The meaning would be different, plural instead of singular.


'Zij neemt' works for 'She takes'.
'Zij nemen' would work for 'They take'.


Yes, but it was impossible for me to know what the English translation would be, it could be either.

Clarification; the exercise was a dutch sentence (no translation visible) with a missing word and I had to pick which one was correct. "Zij _ _ _ de schoenen". I'm guessing it's an error, show "neem" instead of nemen and neemt together as they would both be correct...


Yeah, same problem for me. it shouldn't show two correct answers if only one's gonna be considered correct


I still dont know when Zij is she and when its they? Please tell me.


Just look at the verb. Neem(t) is always singular, nemen is always plural (or infinitive or gerund/progressive). As both zij=she and zij=they are third person, that's the only thing that matters and fortunately even in English the third person verb forms still distinguish singular ([he/she/it] takes) and plural ([they] take).

  • Zij neemt de schoenen. = [She/They] takes the shoes.
  • Zij nemen de schoenen. = [She/They] take the shoes.

You can see which it is without even looking at the Dutch sentence.

Or to put it differently: If someone came up with a new English personal pronoun zee that can meen either she or they, there would be no cause for confusion:

  • Zee takes the shoes. = She takes the shoes.
  • Zee take the shoes. = They take the shoes.


For this verb I previously learned its definition can be either "take" or "get". I used "get" here and was incorrect. Is this a context thing? Or is "get" just an incorrect definition?


Especially in colloquial American English, get can be used as take. I doubt there is another way in which it makes sense to translate neemen as get.


So dumb, i chose nemen (although I know it could have been neemt), and I lost a heart. They should specify that they referred to "she", instead of "they"


By clicking "My answer should have been accepted". Of course you won't get this option again before you are asked the question again and reply in the same way. So someone else may well report this before you get another chance.


Click on the "Report a Problem" tab which is to the left of "Discuss Sentence" in the lesson page. Or press the Support tab to the left now, but then you must provide all the information about which lesson and exactly what happened. Next time you go through the lesson, take a screen shot of it and post that to Report a Problem. Here is a Discussion (found in Popular section of Discussion tab at top of page) about the discussion page which has a screen shot of a lesson page to show you where Discuss Sentence is and you can see where the Report a Problem is: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3732786


what is the infitive and conjugations for this verb? Ive never seen it before and therefore had no clue how to conjugate it. Also, can anyone recommend a good Dutch/English dictionnary and verb conjugation book? thanks!


I hope "Schoenon" Isn't a code name for drugs in nederlands :P

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