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en general elle se couche tres tard

why is this incorrect? one cannot hear any difference fromthe "correct" answer which is "en general elles se couchent tres tard" a silly question, no indication from the context whether it is singular or plural

April 7, 2020



"elle se couche tard" --- "She goes to bed late."

"elles se couchent tard" --- "They go to bed late."

listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yO2AbPrtDs4

They do sound the same. When listening, you would need to differentiate them by context.

[deactivated user]

    Report and move on. There are many bugs in the current French course unfortunately.


    In a lot of French words the ending is dropped, but if there is an 'e' there will be a very slight 'uh' sound in the pronunciation. So, "couch" v. "couch uh". But, in many cases like this one I don't think there is any difference in pronunciation between the singular and plural. It's "couch" all the way down. And Duo should recognize either as correct unless there is something else in the sentence to indicate one or the other.


    The correct answer that you put in your forum is plural so you need to change the infinitive verb being 'couche' to 'couchent' to match the noun, Elle (she) to Elle's (they in the feminine).

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