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"I am no longer in the habit of exercising."

Translation:Je n'ai plus l'habitude de faire du sport.

April 8, 2020



Je n'ai plus de l'habitude de faire du sport. Can one please explain to me why it s wrong to write DE l'habitude ? Please!


Habit = Habitude
A habit = Une habitude
The habit = L'habitude.

J'ai l'habitude (de) = I am in the habit (of)


Why is this passe compose not imperfect? It is a continuing state of affairs (I do not have and am continuing not to have), and so (I thought) imperfect more appropriate. It is not something that happened at a fixed point of time in the past (I lost the habit back in 2002). Do I misunderstand how this works in french? Or should DL accept the imperfect here? I am reporting in case my instinct is right and imperfect is perfect here :).


It is in present tense. J'ai l'habitude = (lit) I have the habit Je n'ai plus l'habitude = (lit) I no longer have the habit


Quite right, and apologies. My comment est nul! Have a lingot for putting me right, and so politely!


Where is the “ in “ in this sentence?


English: be in the habit of; French: avoir l'habitude de. Two different phrases with the same meaning.

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