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"All your books are very successful; well done!"

Translation:Tous vos livres ont beaucoup de succès, bravo !

April 8, 2020



What about "bien fait"? Is that not a French phrase?


Bien fait is ok when something is well done. E.g. this work is well done = ce travail est bien fait.

As an idiom and interjection however, bien fait ! doesn't mean well done! but instead : serves you right!


Thank you! I am giving you a lingot.


is 'très bien' not an acceptable substitute for 'well done' or have i been using it wrong all these years ?


"Très bien" is also perfectly fine. The difference between "bravo" and "très bien" would be that "bravo" is warmer and more personal while "très bien" is more objective.

In a nutshell "bravo !" is closer to "congrats!" and "très bien !" to "very good!"


why is 'tous vos livres sont tres reussi bravo' not accepted


"être réussi" = to be well done. E.g : "Mon gâteau est réussi !"

"avoir réussi" = to be successful (for a person). E.g : "Il a réussi dans la vie."


How about Tous vos livres sont très réussis; bravo !?


Your books can be "très réussis" and not selling well or not for sale yet.

"Vos livres ont beaucoup de succès" means they are selling very well.


Success, then, is in the eye of the beholder? I am sure there are very successful textbooks on economics which don't sell well. And there are trashy penny dreadfulls, as my dear mom would say, that sell millions.

Thanks for your explanation. However, it would seem that either réussi or succès should be acceptable in the circumstances, no?


Success may not always be deserved but then, it is a matter of opinion.

"Réussi" basically means "well made/done". It can apply to a home-made cake you will never sell and which might have limited success within your own family. Your life can be "réussie" if you are happy with what you have achieved; it does not mean you are successful in the business sense of the word.

The difficulty is that "réussir" has several forms (verb, adjective) and a noun "la réussite", but "le succès" is only a noun which tends to refer to public recognition of your "réussite".

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Why this translation instead of "Tous vos livres sont beaucoup de success, brovo !"? The hints show "sont" and not "ont".


"Tous vos livres ont beaucoup de succès, bravo !".

Être du succès isn't French, we say avoir du succès (see above).

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