Bonjour comment ca va! I hope you are having a wonderful time and are safe. So I am in the process of learning French. I am doing it for no particular reason, so I'm not in a hurry. I was wondering if anyone could give any tips on studying or memorizing phrases, also how to pronounce things. I am also asking for all the others that need help, so have fun! Merci beaucoup, bonne journee!

April 8, 2020


1: Always read the Tips - try and read the sentence discussions.

2: Take notes.

3: Learn every noun with its indefinite article ie "un homme".

4: Use the hover method -

5: Repetition - and write things down. Repeat. If you still have problems try TinyCards or Memrise and coffee break french (youtube and podcast). bonne chance!

Use Tinycards, the flashcard app by Duolingo. There is an official French Duolingo flashcard deck, covering all the words from the course (I believe).

i've been combining both duolingo and french and keeping a streak on both

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