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"Il est toujours triste et il ne sait pas sourire."

Translation:He is always sad, and he doesn't know how to smile.

April 8, 2020



:((( he's really sad!


ooooh noooo :( poor man


My answer is identical to the correct one except for not starting the sentence with a capital letter. Why is it marked as wrong?


nope. i never use capitals.


I went back and forth on whether to include the "how" in the answer. It is not necessarily a literal translation between French and English, but I am still confused as to where the "how" is in this sentence. Is it simply inferred?


it's interesting how you didn't offer us your version without 'how'. please, give us your english translation sans 'how'.
no not inferred;

savoir faire [qch] loc v (pouvoir faire)
can do [sth] v expr
be able to do [sth] v expr
know how to do [sth] v expr

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