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  5. "You do not love rice?"

"You do not love rice?"

Translation:Jij houdt niet van rijst?

July 18, 2014



What's wrong with jullie houden van rijst niet?

[deactivated user]

    You would need a comma for that:

    • Jullie houden van rijst, niet?

    This sentence suggests that the one who asks it thinks that the people to whom the question is directed love rice. On the other hand:

    • Jij houdt niet van rijst?

    is more an exclamation of surprise: You do not love rice?!


    Why does the -t get dropped from houdt in the inverted question?


    From tips & notes:

    -In a question where the second person singular je/jij is directly after the verb, the verb does not get a -t -The third person singular he/she/it always gets -t So, at first sight you might say Houdt je vader van mij? (Does your father love me?), is incorrect; after all, je is after the verb, so it should not get a -t. However, je is not the second person singular here; it's the possessive. The subject, je vader, can be replaced with hij: Houdt hij van mij? and the rule is that the third person singular always gets the -t.

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