May 4, 2013


A little tricky since it could be Eles or Elas

I think you'd always choose 'eles' if the gender is unknown or if there is a group of both men and women. In english we have the non-gender-specific 'they', but in romance languages like Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish, the masculine pronoun is standard unless it is known that the gender is 100% female.

Does 'voces' mean 'they' too?

No.... they = eles (masc) / elas (fem). Você = you / vocês = you (plural -y'all)

Would Eles be used to describe a group if there were males and females together? And then elas just for a group of girls?

yup! btw, every time we have a group male+female, we refer to it in the masculine form. (os cachorros estão com sede = the dogs are thirsty.: It may refer to male and female dogs)

Great. Thanks! :)

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