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  5. "Is dat goed?"

"Is dat goed?"

Translation:Is that good?

July 18, 2014



Looks like some twisted English!


I'm pretty sure I've typed that before, meaning to make it some sort of distorted English. Hmm, who knew I was speaking Dutch!


If Dutch people mangle their language on the internet, does it look like English? :)


It made my brain hurt. And then I realized it is not terrible english... And I'm happy that I can read it at all, considering how much my brain is bouncing between languages these days. End result, I feel smart!


In some cases, it means "is that ok?"


I was thinking the same thing, maybe it refers to something? (like is the dessert good?) or is it about the state of something? (like is everything ok?)


is the "g" more of an h or a ch sound? I'm having trouble with it when its at the start of a word


try to imagine you have a fly in your throat and trying to blow it out ..


Why is it dat here and not die? Is the default always dit and dat (for singular) when the demonstratives aren't dependent and what they are replacing is unknown? Is it the same for het and hij when meaning it (with het being the default/the formal subject)?


because it doesn't mention something specific.

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