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Unhelpful hints

After i make a mistake, sometimes i get a prompt which explains a common mistake and asks me a question about it. I think this is a good feature.

But more often than not, i find the hint has nothing to do with the mistake i made. For example, i just got the exercise to translate the phrase "Brush your teeth." I wrote "Brosses-toi les dents." The hint i got was that you add "s" to the ends of nouns to make them a plural, and was asked to identify the French plural meaning "brushes". This is no help at all!

I get this kind of thing a lot. Is it just me?

April 8, 2020



Yeah that happened to me. I made a mistake and it told me that in French we use "les" for plural nouns. I know that! That wasn't my mistake! lol :) But I think the general idea of explaining where you went wrong is a good one, if they correctly identify your error of course!


No, not just you. The generic hint pages get thrown up every now and then - and, as you say, don't always relate to the actual mistake you made...

They aren't in every language. Italian doesn't have them.


bonjour, ça ne t'aide pas directement c'est vrai mais en fait brosser est un verbe du premier groupe (qui se termine en -er) et à la deuxième personne de l'impératif présent il n'y a pas de s donc ça a un léger rapport (extrêmement léger) parce que tu ne devais pas mettre de s en espérant que cela te soit utile céline


Merci pour l'explication Céline.


je t'en prie tachy ^^ si tu as discord ou skype et que tu cherches un correspondant je serais heureuse de discuter avec toi, si toi tu veux bien discuter avec moi en anglais en échange =)


Yes, I get them in Spanish, and they frequently do not relate to the mistake that I've made. Maybe at some point they will refine this feature.


Its a little annoying. Their soluton has nothing to do with the problem


No, it's not just you... I get that all the time.


I don't know for sure, but I assume the system gives the explanation for the most common mistake (or what was assumed would be the most common mistake when it was written).


Agree 100%. The concept is nice, but I've never seen a single hint that is actually relevant to the error I've made. The ones I see are almost always related to noun gender or singular/plural forms. While I certainly do make mistakes those mistakes, more often that not I've made a typo or used a wrong word, in which case the tip is completely irrelevant and kind of annoying.

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