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  5. "Het is mijn lamp."

"Het is mijn lamp."

Translation:It is my lamp.

July 18, 2014



Ik hou van lamp!


Then it would be " Ik hou van de lamp" but that still sounds awkward in dutch. Houden van is mainly used for people or animals and not for things.


Haha I know, it wasn't intended to be correct. Refer here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gId6nrMDmUU :)


My lovely little lamp, check it out!


This one was completely inaudible and should be pulled from the course untill it can be fixed.

First of like in other cases she says the nonexistent @t (neither het nor 't is pronounced thatvway)

But lamp ... I could have listened to it a hundred times and still would be able to make that of it.

I figured it might be lamp seeing the skill subject, but after 6 more (in total atleast 12 times) I still could not make lamp of it at all.

So I typed what I heard (welk I díd write het and not @ or ett) which seemed to sort of male sense though not very likely language.

LAN is local area network. And well it has to do with your house and living.

It could have been lamb lang land (I was very tempted to wrote land that's actually what it might ve been closest to)


"Ed is mijn lam" (or perhaps land but that wouldn't make sense now would it..)

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