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Test in french?

What is the right way/ways to say "test" in French? I mean like a test that you do in school. I've heard people say different things like: "Contrôle" , "Épreuve" and "Examen" , but what is the most used ones? I mean just a normal test you do in school, not an final exam. :)

Merci d'avance!

April 8, 2020



"Contrôle" is more for elementary school, secondary school, and maybe high-school. It's for small tests you would have during the year, not for final exams. It sounds a bit childish too, or at least "teenagerish".

"Examen" is more generic and official, and works for anything, even your driver licence.

"Épreuve" is kinda synonym of "examen", I can't really think of a case where "examen" and "épreuve" aren't interchangeable (in the context of studies at least).


I used to live and do school in France. Each teacher of mine said it differently but mostly the informal way of 'tester'.

(Don't be fooled by the fact that I am not very far in my French I have to learn French compulsory at school.) :-D


Can you provide an example? Because "tester" in French is only a verb (to test) and I can't really picture someone using it in a context of school examens, so I'm curious.


In Canada, we often say ‘un quiz’.


I tend to use 'examen' but to be honest its just which way you will remember it when you come to use it

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