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  5. "Zij blijken lang te zijn."

"Zij blijken lang te zijn."

Translation:They appear to be tall.

July 18, 2014



I don't think this translation is correct.

  • lijken - to seem, to appear to be
  • blijken - to turn out to be

"They turn out to be tall" would be my translation.


Blijken can also be used in the meaning of to appear (see http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/blijken). In bepaalde contexten lijkt "lijken" inderdaad wel correcter, maar ik vind dat "blijken" in dit geval zeker kan.


I think it more depends on what "Zij" is refering to. I agree that when it refers to females it should be tall but when it refers to objects it can be long too. However I grew up out in the country in the Netherlands where we not always spoke the most correct dutch :)


Sorry, I was not addressing your question. My issue is that the verb seems to be mistranslated.

Yes, you can use "long" here as well. I think "blijken" means "to turn out to be" so my translation would be "They turn out to be long".


Hi Lennart, If you translate "zij blijken lang te zijn" into "they turn out to be..." you rather give the impression to want to emphasize the reason why they are (or became) long and you are not just reporting the specific state of being (long). So, respecting the original meaning of the sentence, "turn out" as translation is not applicable. Best wishes, Lu.


"They appear to be long" should also be correct.


I agree, I just reported it


Can this also mean "They seem to be (taking) long." as in "to be somewhere for a long time", "to be doing something for a long time"? If not, how would you translate "It seems to be taking them long/ taking them a long time."?


It seems to be taking them a long time = Het lijkt hen veel tijd te kosten (taking time = tijd kosten)


It costs them a long time? I love it!


Yes, but 'tijd nemen' also exists: He takes a lot of time to do something that doesn't take a lot of time (he takes more time than needed) = Hij neemt veel tijd om iets te doen dat niet veel tijd kost.


I think that you would have to use the verb duren? sorry just my best guess.


Is "blijken" one of the verbs that cannot be followed directly by the infinitive, but have to have "te", like "durven" and "hoeven"? Or is the "te" there because the sentence contains a short clause?


Yeap, you need a full infinitive after blijken, just like in English you need a full infinitive after seem/appear.

Bare infinitive: zijn / be Full infinitive: te zijn / to be


Te zijn is to be?

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