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Défi lingvistique - language challenge!

Hi/Salut/Ahoj! :)

In these days, when is a quarantine, I want to entertain you a little. So I have an idea! Firstly, you write something about you or your country in your mother language -( in my case in Slovak language and Slovakia), and secondly you write something in your language which you learn here. If you want you can write some phrases which you are learning on Duolingo nowadays or your motivational quote or short poem...what ever. It doesn't matter if there are grammatical errors. There is no limit to the imagination :)

For example: In my mother language- Slovak language: Ahoj, volám sa Pendula. Pochádzam z východnej časti Slovenska. Slovensko je malá ale krásna krajina, ktorá sa nachádza v Európe. Je známa svojím folklórom po celom svete. Moje najoblúbenejšie jedlo sú halušky. Je to naše národné jedlo. Na prípravu tohto jedla potrebujeme polohrubú múku, zemiaky, slaninu, pažítku, soľ, tvaroh alebo bryndzu. Na duolingu sa učím francúzštinu pretože sa mi veľmi páči.

translate in english: Hi, I am Pendula. I come from eastern Slovakia. Slovakia is a little but beautiful country, which is located in Europe. Is known for it´s folklore around the world. My favorite food is "halušky" - in translation something like "dumplings". It is our national food. We need semi-flour, potatoes, bacon, chives, salt and curd or sheep cheese to prepare this meal. On duolingo I learn french because I like it.

french/le francais ( langugage which I learn) : Salut. Je m´appelle Pendula. Je viens du Slovaquie. Je pense que la langue francais est trés dificile aussi que slovaquie. J´aime cuisine, je lis souvent des livres romantique, je faire du ski et je n´aime pas le pudding. C´est bizzare, non? :D Je voudrais un chien mais dans ma maison sont animaux interrdit. C´est dommage! Parfois j´éris le poéme (ou la poéme? , Je ne sais pas :/ ) et voilá:

Je m´appelle Pendula, j´aime le beurre et j´ai une soeur o la lá.

J´adore danser et Je mange la fraise quand je suis fatigué Je m'assois sur la chaise.

la bonification/bonus- some words in my mother language: Hi-Salut=Ahoj Good bye- Au revoir=Dovidenia My names is- Je m´appelle= Volám sa Have a nice day- Bonne journeé= Pekný deň How are you doing? -Comment ca va/Comment vas tu?=Ako sa máš? I´am doing well-Je vais bien/ Ca va= Mám sa dobre And you? - Et toi? = A ty ? Thank you - Merci = Ďakujem Cheers!-Bon santé!=Na zdravie! (if you are drinking) Good luck-bonne chance=Veľa šťastia you are welcome- de rien = Nemáš začo please - s´il te plait/ s´il vous plait = Prosím ťa/vás Excuse me - excuse-moi = Prepáčte mi

Well, if you are interested in Slovakia you look at this link: (this is a video about Slovak folklore and recipe on "halušky" )



April 8, 2020



Hello ! नमस्कार ! Bonjour !,

My name is Santosh. I'm from a small beautiful country called Nepal. I am now learning French but I can't write in French like I write in English.

मेरो नाम सन्तोष हो । म नेपाल भन्ने सानो सुन्दर देशबाट हुँ । म अहिले फ्रेन्च सिक्दैछु तर म अंग्रेजीमा लेखे जसरी फ्रेन्चमा लेख्न सक्दिनँ ।

Je m'appelle Santosh. Je viens d'un petit beau pays nommé le Népal. J'apprends le français maintenant, mais je ne peux pas écrire en français comme j'écris en anglais.

Thank you very much!

धेरै धेरै धन्यवाद!

Merci beaucoup!



Very good French, the only problem here is we would say "beau petit pays" and not "petit beau pays". Adjectives order is a problem in every language I guess! And I don't know the rules, it's just natural when speaking.


your nickname on duolingo NieNieNie in slovak language means your francais word NON , so NON=NIE :) :)


Yes I know, my nickname was "Kur*a" but I was asked to changed it so I randomly wrote "NieNieNieNie" (I mean I didn't know it means "No" in Slovak too, but in Polish).


Waaaau Nepal !! C´est génial. Merci beaucoup Santosh!! :):)


Hi! My name is Vinicius and I am from London. London is the capital of the UK and it is a very multicultural city with people from across the world. I love my city! I am learning Portuguese on Duolingo so I can speak with my mum, who is from Brazil.

Oi! Meu nome é Vinicius e eu sou de Londres. Eu estou aprendo português no Duolingo para conversar avec minha mãe.


That´s great ! :) your english is very good, ...ah..I have never been in London, I envy you. Good luck with Portuguese


Thanks! Good luck with your French! No need to praise my English, I live in the UK, after all. Praise your English: I’m sure it’s improving every day!


Bonjour, je m'appelle NieNieNieNie et je suis Français. Je suis sur Duolingo pour apprendre le polonais !

Cześć, nazywam się NieNieNieNie i jestem Francuzem. Jestem na Duolingu, żeby uczyć się polskiego!


Le polonais est trés trés amusante et bonne langue. Słowacy rozumieją się z Polakami. więc naucz się mówić, dziękuję i życzę powodzenia w nauce!:))


Hello! My name's Nathaniel and I'm from Canada. I was about to look for an app that would help me practice my writing in French because it isn't the greatest and then I came across this:) I'm a student at the University of Ottawa and have a part-time job as a Barista at Starbucks. These days I've been spending my time practicing French, the piano, jogging and working out, meditating and just taking it easy. I love my country and I love how multiculturally diverse it is. Canada is very very big and beautiful because of the abundance of nature and the sparse population. One day I wish to travel across Canada and to see it all, and then hopefully the world!! But that takes munti hunti:( I'm not going to write this in French but the one big thing I'm not very happy about in Canada is how it's taken advantage of the Indigenous and hasn't made a good enough effort to make amends. The government of Canada has used this pandemic hysteria to cover up their efforts of illegally building a pipeline over Indigenous lands and homes by putting extra funding into oil companies. This money could be better spent funding hospitals or helping other nations!! Anyway that's me and Canada in a nutshell. Thanks for the opportunity of this challenge:)

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Nathaniel et je viens du Canada. J’etais sur le point de voir s’il y a une application ou je pourrais pratique mon français parce que ce n’est pas le mieux, puis j’ai vu ca:) J’étudie a l’Universitaire d’Ottawa et je travaille temps-partiel en tant qu’un barista a Starbucks. Ces jours-ci, je passe mon temps à pratiquer le français, à jouer du piano, à faire de l'exercice, à méditer et juste relaxant. J’adore mon pays et j’adore la diversité multiculturelle. Le Canada est très très grand et beau en raison de l’abondance de la nature et de la population clairsemée du Canada. Un jour, je souhaite a voyager a travers le Canada, et un jour peut-être le monde!! Mais ca prend de l’argent cheri:( En tous cas, c’est moi et Canada en bref, merci pour ce langue défi!:)


Mais ca prend de l’argent cheri.

One more proof you should not translate word for word. ☺ But nice contribution, thanks.


Canada’s such a nice place.


Good evening, I'm from Pennsylvania. I am learning Catalan lately but mainly I study French here.

Bon vespre, sóc de Pennsilvània. Darrerament estic aprenent català, però sobretot estudio francès aquí.

Bonsoir, je viens de Pennsylvanie. J'apprends le catalan récemment, mais d'habitude j'étudie le français ici.


J'apprends le catalan récemment

Bonjour, I cannot explain why (and mainly I don't know) but you need to use past tense with 'récemment' => J'ai appris le catalan récemment.

Alternatively, you could say (if you wish to keep present tense) : j'apprends le catalan depuis peu. But it would mean that you really are at the beginning, and I don't think so.


Hello! My name is Judith. I'm from the USA, and my mother tongue is English. I'm learning Japanese and French. I love aspects Japanese culture, such as manga and anime, and have French family on my husband's side, and I also love Japanese and French cuisine. I like the way French sounds, and I enjoy the secrets of Japanese grammar.

今晩は、ジュヂと申します。アメリカ出身ですが、私は英語を話せます。 フランス語と日本語を習います。日本の文化が好きですが、漫画とかアニメとかで、フランス人の家族の夫がありますが、フランスの料理も日本の料理も大好きです。音のフランス語が好きですが、文法の秘密の日本語は楽しいと思います。

Bonjour, Je m'appelle Judi! Je suis americaine, je viens d'États-Unis, et je parle anglais. J'apprends le Français et le Japonais. J'aime bien le culture du Japon, tel comique japonais et animé, et mon mari a une famille française, j'aime aussi la cuisine de la France et du Japon. J'aime bien le son du français, et je me sens que les secretes de la grammaire du Japonais est très amusant.

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