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  5. "He is in the hotel."

"He is in the hotel."

Translation:Hij is in het hotel.

July 18, 2014



Hij staat in het hotel? I feel like that should be accepted (I'm reporting it). I'm having a hard time knowing when to use staat, ligt, etc. vs. just going with "is."


Because he's not standing there. Hij zit in het hotel is accpeted.


I thought orientation verbs (zitten, staan, liggen, etc.) were required when talking about location of a noun ("hij" in this case)?

Is it because we don't know his orientation that "is" is correct? Or are orientation verbs only required for inanimate objects (meaning the location of a person can be described by simply using "is")?


Hmm, I think you are on to something...I like your theory that there's an exception for people - i.e. they don't always require an orientation verb (as opposed to objects which do).


Zijn can be used when describing the location of an event, the location of a person or animal that is not explicitly standing, sitting or lying down or whose posture is unknown or if the emphasis is on the existence of the object isntead of its position. In this case, since the existence is the focus and not the orientation, zijn can be applied.

Not only that but since the person is INSIDE the hotel, Zitten can also be applied.

In this case both "Hij zit in het hotel" and "Hij is in het hotel" are accepted.

[deactivated user]

    I put "hij is in het hotel", but would I only use this if I don't know whether he's standing, sititng, or lying down?


    What about binnen? Am i overthinking this, or what is the diffrrence?


    "hij is binnen het hotel" was my rejected answer :(


    Binnen would specifically translate to inside


    what about hij staat op het hotel?


    Then he would be standing on the roof of the hotel.


    hahaha thanks! that would be a very different scenario! :)


    what about 'hij zit in het hotel'?


    That should also be correct


    Why isn't it 'bij het hotel'? Could someone explain me when to use 'bij' and when to use 'in'? thanks!


    What about "Hij is bij het hotel"? After all "bij" is used with "bank" ...

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