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Two challenges down, many more to go!

After working on this for quite a while, I finally finished my Spanish tree two days ago! Wahoo! Not only that, but the day after I finished it I took the CLEP test for Spanish and received a good enough score to earn 8 credits (normally six, but my school counts Elementary Spanish 1 & 2 as eight credits). I can honestly say that Duolingo is probably the best language learning site I've used and I definitely would never have attempted the test without it.

Having said all that, I have been studying Spanish for a long time (three years of it in high school and another year and a half on my own). I have a pretty good grasp of the language when I am reading but my listening is not quite as good. I was not far from a score for which I would have received 15 credits instead and it was definitely the listening portions that did me in.

I want to continue learning (why be here if I didn't?) and improving my listening skills is my next step.I know music is a good way to improve, but I don't where to begin. I enjoyed watching Extr@ (a telenovela for Spanish learners) but there is only so many times you can watch something. Recommend me your favorite songs, podcasts, and novelas!

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Nice job! Here are some of my favorite songs/podcasts/novelas/ideas/etc-


I really love the band Kaay. They may not be to everyone's taste, but are in the easy listening genre and easy to understand. Also, Shakira has some good songs. They aren't to my taste, but I will listen to them to improve vocabulary knowledge.


My library has a limited collection, but they do have the Narnia series in Spanish! They are very difficult for me, but good practice. Also reading simple children's books with pictures enforces vocabulary. Last, I have checked out a book/audio cd from the library called "Spanish: Beyond the Basics Coursebook" by Living Language. So far, it's great for learning grammar and word usage. The audio cd is really good for listening as well. I'd highly recommend the entire "series".

Random Ideas-

Youtube is great, great, great for immersion! I watch several beauty channels in English, and thought, maybe beauty in Spanish is a bit more educational! :) Yuya and Ekaty are my favorites. Those are the ones that I watch, but I'm sure there are tons of Spanish gaming, science, and other videos out there on Youtube. Just do a quick Google search. I'd also recommend Lang-8, which helps with writing, and Memrise, which has a few good courses with audio.

Congrats again, and hope you enjoy my ideas! Good luck!

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Congratulations! Well done!

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I enjoyed this series. It's a mystery and good for folks learning Spanish:


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great for you. If you enjoyed learning on duolingo I suggest that you start learning another language of you choice

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Felicitaciones. Recientemente terminé mi árbol español

4 years ago


if you're into like spanish rap/hip hop, nach and zpu are a couple of my favorites!

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