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Explanation Needed

Hello everybody, I was studying french personal pronouns and when to use them but I got confused.

Can anyone see the image that this link provides and explain them to me and when they are used?


April 8, 2020



-Subject pronoun:
  Subject of a verb: je regarde.

-Reflexive pronoun:
  Used for reflexive verbs : Je me souviens.

-Direct object pronoun:
  For direct objects: Je te regarde.

-Indirect object pronoun:
  For indirect objects: Je te donne le pain.

-Prepositional pronoun:
  After a preposition: C'est à toi que je donne le pain.


Thanks for the explanation, but what is an indirect object pronoun?


It's the case named "dative" in some languages, it conveys the idea of "to someone", and it exists in English too:

  • "Call me" = direct
  • "Give me something" = indirect, because it's "Give something to me"
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