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I can't assign skills to a new student

The class started 2 weeks ago and we have studied 10 skills. A new student join and I need to assign her these 10 skills, but in the window it doesn't show me the first 8 skills, it only shows skills 9 and 10. Has any one had a similar problem? How can I assign this student the 10 skills eveyrbody else has taken? THanks!

April 8, 2020




Do you still see those first eight assignments in the Assignments tab? If so, clicking them should show you a list of your students and their completion status. Your new student should be included with the status 'Not assigned', and an option to assign the skill to her:

This option should also appear at the top of the assignment page:

This is probably a bit cumbersome to do for all eight assignments, but I'm afraid I don't know any other way to do it. Maybe a more experienced user does.


I agree with Atervanda.


good point. I have never seen the legend on top of the assignment page. Incredible.

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