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No errors flagged in Scottish Gaelic answers

I like that that the practice quizzes have gotten more difficult.

However, my errors are no longer being flagged (again). For example, I can miss accents and type incorrect spelling (single letter error) and these are marked correct but with nothing flagged for the errors. The only place to see the errors is in the quiz review at the end, by comparing my answer to the correct answer for each question.

These initially (2019) were noted as I took the quiz. Then for a while Duolingo stopped flagging errors question by question. Then went back to flagging missed accents and spelling/typos. Now it is again not pointing out any errors. All answers are marked correct unless a large chunk of the answer is wrong (like wrong word).

This is not a good way to learn. I hope Duolingo is not "testing" where some people see their errors and other's don't. I will also post under troubleshooting.

April 8, 2020



Hi, this forum is looked after by SG moderators (volunteers) who don't have any control over these things. Posting in the troubleshooting section as you are doing is a good idea. I'd be very surprised if this was a Gaelic specific issue. Hopefully you will have some luck in "Troubleshooting".


Many thanks - from the troubleshooting forum it does sound like an issue in some other languages as well (but not all?) , for example:



Thanks for the link -- I went over and posted there as well. It does sound like it is a Duo problem and not just Scottish Gaelic.


Yeah I've noticed this too. It's confusing when you think you've misspelled something, it gets marked correct, you spell it differently in the next question in an identical context and it still gets marked correct.. Wonder whether this is a Duolingo thing or a Gaelic thing.


I very much agree with you. It would be really helpful if the correct answer could be displayed (along with the translation that is already given) - at least then we could check spelling/lenition/accents and so on for ourselves to learn for when the same word comes up again in a lesson.


It seems to me that the problem may be confined to the "type what you hear" questions. I am not quite certain about that, maybe someone else could confirm or refute?


Yes that's been my experience too - with a lot more of that type coming up in the Practices now as well :-)

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