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"Càite a bheil i ag obair? Ann an Iapan."

Translation:Where is she working? In Japan.

April 8, 2020



How do you know whether its "he" or "She? "i"seems to be used for either pronoun so whats the difference?


"i"seems to be used for either pronoun

What do you mean? Can you give any examples?

i is the feminine pronoun, she. e is the masculine pronoun, he. There is no neuter pronoun for it in Scottish Gaelic and all inanimate nouns have either a feminine or masculine gender and the matching pronoun is used (eg. i for weather since words for weather, aimsir and sìde are feminine or because that was used at night time and spread from there, as oidhche night is also feminine; but e is used to refer to a day since latha or , the word for day, is masculine).


He is 'e' and she is 'i'. Either can be 'it' in certain sentences.


I was sure i had the correct answer but it marked me down


Me too, all words correct and in the right order.

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