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"It is the prize for being a good man."

Translation:É o prêmio por ser um bom homem.

May 4, 2013



Can para work here as well?


In cases like this, you can see "para" as destination and "por" as cause.

I mean:

É o preço por ser um bom homem (because you are a good man, you have to pay some price in consequence)

É o preço para ser um bom homem (you must pay in order to becomea good man -- I know it's quite nonsense in this good man case, but other cases would make sense)


Very useful comment. Obrigado.


That woudn't sound correct...


I feel like I should know this already, but why is the infinitive 'ser' used instead of 'sido'?


general rule - Eng: preposition + gerund -> Port: preposition + infinitive.


Even with sido, you would have to use the infinitive "ter":

É o prêmio por ter sido um bom homem. (for having been a good man)

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