Welches or Welche

what's the difference between these two? I read an example "Welches Buch wirst du lesen?" that is Which book will you read?, and I cannot understand why isn't it Welche, the difference between welches/welche is of number or gender?

6 years ago

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The endings depend on the number, gender and case of the following noun. "Welcher, welche, welches" work exactly like the definite article. "Du wirst daS Buch lesen." - "WelcheS Buch wirst du lesen?". "Du wirst diE Zeitung lesen." - "WelchE Zeitung wirst du lesen?". "Du wirst diE Bücher lesen." - "WelchE Bücher wirst du lesen?". "Du wirst deM Mann helfen." - "WelcheM Mann wirst du helfen?" etc. For more information, see:

6 years ago

thank you so much, the link is very good, it has clear examples

6 years ago
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