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Welches or Welche

what's the difference between these two? I read an example "Welches Buch wirst du lesen?" that is Which book will you read?, and I cannot understand why isn't it Welche, the difference between welches/welche is of number or gender?

August 7, 2012



The endings depend on the number, gender and case of the following noun. "Welcher, welche, welches" work exactly like the definite article. "Du wirst daS Buch lesen." - "WelcheS Buch wirst du lesen?". "Du wirst diE Zeitung lesen." - "WelchE Zeitung wirst du lesen?". "Du wirst diE Bücher lesen." - "WelchE Bücher wirst du lesen?". "Du wirst deM Mann helfen." - "WelcheM Mann wirst du helfen?" etc. For more information, see: http://coerll.utexas.edu/gg/gr/det_02.html


thank you so much, the link is very good, it has clear examples

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