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Assigned 30 minutes to students

I have assigned 30 minute of Duolingo to me students per week. Is there a way for them to track their time spent on Duolingo. Also, why do some say that they didn't complete the task when they did. I looked at their "management" and it looks like they did complete the 30 minutes.

April 8, 2020



There are currently reports of assignment sync issues between a student's personal account and the progress reported on the class dashboard.

We're investigating these currently.


On the right hand side of the screen will be a line graph showing how many XP per day they earned. There will also be a box that says "Leagues" (which is kind of like a race -- I tell my students to ignore it, because I don't want them trying to get points without putting things into long-term memory...) But at any rate, in the box that says "Leagues," they will find their name with how many XP they have earned since Monday.

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