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"Monsieur, votre chien s'est assis sur mes pieds."

Translation:Sir, your dog sat on my feet.

April 8, 2020



------- i think that "sir your dog is sitting on my feet " is good .

Big 8 apr 20


To me it isn't. It would be "Votre chien est assis sur mes pieds".


While it is pretty strange that anyone would actually use the past tense "sat" and your version is more likely to be said in real life, it isn't the correct translation of the French.


To change this into the present, can I say "votre chien s'assied sur mes pieds"?


It's grammatically correct and would mean that the dog is still doing the action of sitting, probably still choosing the best position while you're talking. If you want to say the dog is currently sitting on your feet, it would be "votre chien est assis sur mes pieds".

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