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New to duolingo.schools.

At the time of the closing schools, we were told that the digital resources we were to use during the emergency school closure was Duoling. At the time it didn't specifiy how to access it, so I assigned my students to enter the app through through their district Student Portal. Last week the new pacing guides came out, it said to have the students go through duolingo.schools. 1. Will the results of their Duolingo placement tests and the lessons they completed on their Student Portals transfer over to their new accounts on doulingo.schools? 2. How do the number of minutes we assign relate to the number of XP's? Do the XP's represent the number of minutes they are to work?

Thanks for your prompt responses. The parents and students keep asking and I don't have the answers.

April 8, 2020



Activity that took place before entering a classroom (such as XP) isn't reflected in the classroom, unfortunately.

The student will need to reach the minimum XP required for it to display as completed. We display this in the assignment view as representing a time duration; however, it is possible for students to gain the XP in less time.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!


Thank you, Kevin. I have another question, does the XP represent the number of minutes? For example, if I assign 10 minutes a day, will they earn 10XP?


Those are estimates. I have speedrunners and I have very careful spellcheckers. Don't get too upset if the times are off for one student or another; just be happy they are studying. :)

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