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#Latin Moment! Day Three

Today's Latin moment is something that I heard a lot, but never knew what it meant.

Source: ThoughtCatalog

Link to previous Latin moment: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37585096

Have you ever heard the phrase "Deus ex machina?" This is a phrase used to describe when the hero or leading character in a story is suddenly able to get out of the seemingly impossible situation he is in. The line means "God from the machine" in Latin, so if the conflict is resolved too easily, it's like God comes out of a machine to solve the problem. Hope you learned something today!

Stay safe, Lynul

April 8, 2020



This (it is said, for instance) originated from performances of plays, at first Greek and then Roman, where in the last act a god would be hoisted onto the stage by the stage machinery (machina, -ae, in Latin and μηχά̆νημα, -ατος in Greek) and would resolve all remaining conflicts lickety-split, in sometimes a not really convincing way.


Good to know! That definitely seems like something the Greeks would do.


I see you put the source! I am learning from these Latin Moments. I'm looking forward to the next one!

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