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Mon cher Antoine, tu vas beaucoup me manquer.

Can someone explain WHY the pronouns are switched on this? There are no notes to explain. Duo translates this as: My dear Antoine, I am going to miss you a lot. Instead of You are going to miss me a lot. This switch of pronouns is confusing. This is in Siblings section. Thank you.

April 9, 2020



Because "manquer" actually means "to lack". Not "I am going to miss you" but "You will be a lack to me".


A lot of languages have a few of this type of confusing-looking construction. You just have to remember them as kind of exceptions to the usual word order rules.


Tu me manques. (literally: you - to me - are lacking)

---- I miss you.


Pić mi się chce. (literally: to drink - to me - it is wanting)

--- I am thirsty.


Me gustan las nubes. (literally: to me - appeal - the clouds)
--- I like the clouds


English is backwards. I always tell my students: if you want to learn English you have to think backwards.


It isn't that English is backwards. It's just that English doesn't have a verb that means quite what manquer means: to be lacking or missing from.


Hi Vicky, think of it as you are (tu vas) going to be missed by me. Tu vas nous manquer. You are going to be missed by us.

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