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adding students

When you are creating accounts for your students, once you download the roster, how do students see the instructions on how to join. Where does it get sent to? If filling out a student's e-mail is optional, how does it reach the student?
Is there something else I need to be doing on my end?

April 9, 2020



If you create accounts for your students, they will be sent an e-mail. They need to click on that e-mail.

If you have your students create their own accounts, you will need to communicate your class code to them. You can get your class code by clicking on "invite students" just as you did above, but choose the other option and click through. (There will also be an option to download a .pdf of instructions.) Tell your students to

click on the blue silhouette in the upper right (or their avatar)

scroll down to "settings"

click on "progress sharing"

enter the class code

And they are in!

Please post other questions as you have them. We are all in this together!


When you say "they will be sent an e-mail", how are they getting this e-mail if I do not provide their e-mail as it says optional when you are adding them in?


but how do they get an e-mail if filling out an e-mail is optional?


...And that is a problem. I prefer to have my students set up their own accounts. BUT a word of caution: I learned long ago that I needed to tell them to use a name I would recognize. I got tired of trying to figure out who was Dankmemes and who was It's Ya Boi.

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