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Troubles with speaking exercises on web

Salut, my fellow French learners !

I started learning abt 10 days ago and now switched from my iPh6s to learning on the web on my laptop (Dell, Win 10, Chrome), because the app wasn't picking up my voice anymore during the speaking exercises (I tried using the mic in other apps on my phone and it worked).

In Chrome, I enabled the mic and switched on the speaking exercises in duolingo settings after reading some discussions here.

But whenever the exercise comes up and I click on the recording button, it immediately gives me a red feedback while I haven't even got the chance to say anything.

Am I doing something wrong? Has this happened to anyone here? Does anyone know how I could fix this problem please?

Thank you for any advice and sorry if the post is a little longer. <3

April 9, 2020

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[deactivated user]

    I'm on the same set-up as you and mine works fine.

    Be careful to single click only to start the lesson, and then make sure you don't start to speak until the blue box on the left has a white square in the centre.

    And if it doesn't "hear" immediately you can repeat the whole thing, or any individual words in any order, until you time out (if any words don't go black).

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