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"Mon frère et moi, nous nous faisons la bise."

Translation:My brother and I, we kiss each other on the cheek.

April 9, 2020



Maintenant, on fait la bise à une distance de deux mètres, j'imagine.


Each other is implied and shouldn't be necessary


True, but this is French. The sentence likes to know where everything is. In France, for example, the sun does not simply rise, it raises itself.


Translating the French directly into English doesn't make it correct! What native English speaker would say My brother and I, we...?


It's good to learn that form in French because it's commonplace. I would consider it a correct translation without "we" but I don't know how picky duolingo is.

Translating directly doesn't make it incorrect unless the sentence is wrong. It's arguably redundant and not good formal speech, but I wouldn't call it wrong.


It is accepted without "we", as it should be.


More than you would think.


Really this should be " My brother and I, we "faire la bise"" - because there is no equivalent translation in English. Think of it the other way: "My brother & I do the hokey kokey".


My brother and I, we kiss each other on the cheek I typed this and Duolingo repeatedly rejects it

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