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  5. "An fhorca ghlan."

"An fhorca ghlan."

Translation:The clean fork.

April 9, 2020



I am having a very difficult time recognizing fhorca. Does it sound like losh? My hearing problems make listening exercises a challenge, but I am determined to have the Gaelic! Can you suggest a good source for phonetic spellings or a recommended dictionary that would give me this extra help I need?


You can use Am Faclair Beag at faclair.com which gives transcription for words. For example for forca it gives /fɔRxgə/ (/R/ here means unlenited r, ie. a trill, as opposed to lenited /r/ which is a single tap; /g/ means voiceless unaspirated [k] while /k/ would mean aspirated [kʰ]; /x/ is the ch in loch – but depending on dialect it might not be pronounced or might be pronounced as just a slight aspiration [ʰ] here, so /fɔRxgə/ might be closer to /fɔRʰgə/ or /fɔRgə/).

But here it is the lenited fhorca and lenited fh is not pronounced, the f disappears when lenited, so an fhorca is /ənɔRxgə ~ ənɔRʰgə/.


This is so helpful!! It will help keep me moving forward with Gaelic, especially now that I am reaching the end of this Duolingo Tree.


why is glann lenited here?
is it the agreement thing with feminine nouns?


Yes. Here it is lenited because it attributes a feminine noun in nominative.


What is the lenitition rule for the definitive noun is it just for words beginning with f

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