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Class progress. What is the meaning of the colors?

I know there are four colors and one check mark in blue that indicates lesson completed. But there is also green, red, orange. When you hoover the mouse over one of them, it say ssomething like 4 0/4. The interpretation of these numbers is confusing.

April 9, 2020



You can find the answers in this discussion:

Changes to Duolingo for Schools: Levels and Course Progress
in the answers to the comments of BronwynHaynes


Jorma, one of my students just asked about "blue dots." I am beginning to wonder if there is an A/B test that some of my students got put on... Are you able to post a screen shot? (My student hasn't answered me yet.) I'm looking for daKanga's great post about how to insert images, but I am on the wrong computer... Use this one for now and I will edit it later https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/24136565


one of my students just asked about "blue dots."

Is this student in one of your Japanese classes? They just rolled out Tree 4.0 as the default tree this week, and blue dots under a skill indicate new content:



Ah, okay. Thank you, Atervanda. I'm all golden except for the new skills, so I didn't notice any blue dots.

Jorma, is this what you are seeing, or something else?

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