Duolingo は、言語学習において世界でもっとも人気のある方法です。なによりも、完全に無料です。


Please Help!

It says all my answers are wrong and I am just stuck on one part, can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

for: He is a man and I am a boy.

I wrote: kare wa otokono hito de watashi wa otokonoko desu.

and it says the answer is: 彼は男の人で私は男の子です

why does it say I am wrong?



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Hi sashakatcher,

I don't think Duolingo accepts romanized alphabets as Japanese, at least in the current version.

A good news is that hiragana is accepted, so かれはおとこのひとでわたしはおとこのこです and a mixture of hiragana and kanji 彼は男の人で私は男の子です are both valid (but not kare wa otokono hito de watashi wa otokonoko desu).

To type in Japanese characters, you can use what's called IME. There are some free ones available, such as Baidu Online IME and Google IME.