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The Flirt Assignment

This pops up in my cellphone, but is not available to assign to my students. Anyone knows why?

April 9, 2020



It is a "bonus skill" that they have to buy with lingots.

Click "SHOP" in the menu and you'll learn more about lingots and what you can buy with them.


It would appear that bonus skills can't be assigned even if the students bought it.


Oh, Jorma, I miss the flirt skill! My students LOVED that one, even though I kept saying that nobody would really talk like that. When my and my students' trees updated, it disappeared forever from the shop. I am subscribed to several comments, so I still get notified when there is activity, so I knew that some people somewhere still had the skill in their tree!

Finally, a new student of mine said that he had it, and I went through with him and we took screen shots of every single stupid line in the skill. Nowadays, I project them on my board and we do a "poor man's version" whole-class.


te mereces un lingote.

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