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Les dictées aident - Dictées help

When I was learning French, I used to do a lot of "dictées". I would go online and find French dictées and it really helped me with spelling, agreements (masculine, feminine, plural), grammar, verb conjugations, everything on paper.

I suggest doing dictées occasionally because they do help you.

[Site with Dictées in French] (https://www.podcastfrancaisfacile.com/apprendre-le-francais/dictees-en-francais-fle)

April 9, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Very helpful link - the use of speech is sadly limited on Duolingo.


    Yes, however this more for writing and practice with masculine and feminine words, as well as verb tenses.


    Tried and found it very helpful, thank you. And there are a lot more grammar models, than just dictations :)


    Yes, there are.


    Merci! That link was very helpful.


    Thank you a lot for helping us! I have problems to know which is feminine and masculine. I guess practice is one of the most helpful methods to know the words' genres. Learning French is being an amazing way to relax for me. Let's study!


    Thanks for the link, I will try it out soon.

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