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  5. "I like playing."

"I like playing."

Translation:Ik speel graag.

July 18, 2014



What about "Ik vind spelen leuk"?

[deactivated user]

    Why is it "ik hou van spelen" and not "ik hou van speel" ?


    Ok on this i had words to pick and I put ik graag speel when it should be ik speel graag. Whats the tule that says graag goes at the end


    The rule is that the verb goes second.


    Shouldn't "ik houd van spelen" be accepted? If not, could someone please explain this?

    [deactivated user]

      You're right, 'Ik houd van spelen' is correct.

      As a side note: You might want to write:

      • Ik hou van spelen

      without the 'd'. Writing 'houd' is not wrong but rather formal. I always use 'hou' as the first person singular conjugation in everyday language :)


      But why 'ik hou van spelen' and not 'ik hou van speel', just like ik SPEEL graag? Or what about 'Ik houd speel?'


      maybe we should put the verb in the infinitf form after " van " .


      I think they want us to translate "Ik houd van spelen" as "I love playing".


      Is ,Ik houd van speel correct.


      no, Ik = correct. houd = correct, but very formal / old style it is also a translation of "love" loving and liking is quite similar like houden van en leuk vinden, so it is not completely wrong. Thus acceptable. But Duo could be more picky. van = correct speel = not correct: should be "spelen" . That is more difficult to explain. it is: "ik speel" = i play. Spelen = playing,


      It's totally impossible for me to pronounce the letter 'g', I just cannot do it, is there another way to pronounce it without all the phlegmy noises?? If I pronounce it as an English 'h' will I be totally incomprehensible? Does anyone have a tip for this??


      You can also do this course without speaking, that is a setting. The dutch "g" as in "graag", ""groot" and "groen". or "gewoon" are not so common in other languages. but if tou take the english "g" from: "great" that would fit in quite well in "graag" "groot" and "groen". the "g" in "gewoon", "goedkoop", "geel". For that "g" use the french "h" from "hotel" as a start. or make a combination of the english "g" and the french H or also the fench "g" from "gratuit"


      Just keep practicing and try to get as close to the real thing as possible xD


      You can cheat it a little bit by keeping a bit of saliva in the back of your throat


      You can sort of cheat it by keeping a little bit of saliva in the back of your throat


      When using the construction vind...leuk, which form of the verb goes between the two?

      I wrote Ik vind spelen leuk, which was accepted--is spelen the infinitive?


      So how would you translate the word graag? cause I thought about ik vind spellen leuk


      Are graag and hou van interchargeable?


      Graag is an adverb. Houden is a verb

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