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  5. "Beviamo tè al limone."


"Beviamo tè al limone."

May 4, 2013



How would you say ¨Let´s drink tea with lemon¨?


al is to and also ai is to????


Think of it like this: the preposition (to) is a but if you add an article (the) it becomes alla, al, allo, ai.... The preposition + article combo matches the noun's gender and number.

  • Vado al ristorante/I go to the restaurant
  • Andiamo allo zoo/We go to the zoo
  • Scrivo alla donna/I write to the woman
  • Mario legge all'uomo/Mario reads to the man


I have always seen this as "beviamo te con limone," not "al." I'm also using the Fluenz program (highly recommended) and this is what they teach.


Both are correct for different things. Con limone would be used for hot tea with a slice of lemon inside it but al limone is what you might buy in a bottle on a hot day.

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