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"Bidh iad a' cluiche iomain air a' Ghalldachd cuideachd."

Translation:They play shinty in the Lowlands too.

April 9, 2020



They also play shinty in the Lowlands. is marked incorrect.


You have to report it as "my answer should be accepted". They won't necessarily see it if you only put it in the comments.


Tapadh leibh, a Mhòrag! I did that as well. Next time, I will mention it in my post.


In that case I think you'll get an email when they get round to looking at it and see that you're right. Unless of course it's already an accepted answer but you had an unnoticed typo somewhere. That has happened to me several times and it's embarrassing. But the team say they don't know who has reported what and the emails are automatic, so while please try not to do that don't worry about it if you do!


It is still not accepted, as I found out today.


Good question! I also asked myself. Well, perhaps in Gaelic they felt this was easier to pronounce. Grammatically speaking I cannot say. They very often add little sounds before words that don't exist which to start with makes it a trifle complicated all this to make the phrase easier to pronounce. Somehow or other you just get, or have to get used, to it!

Not much of a help. Just accept and enjoy!!


Why wouldn’t one use “anns” instead of “air” for ‘in?’


My program stuck can't go on!!

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