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Assignment MIA

I have a Duolingo classroom for my students. I assigned them the skill entitled "Past Tense 3". It's showing as an assignment for them to do, but they can't find the lesson icon anywhere on their homepage. I can't find it either. It is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. What's going on???

April 9, 2020


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There's something weird going on with the skills 'Past Tense 1', 'Past Tense 2', 'Past Tense 3', 'Past Tense 4' and 'Future Tense'. They show up in the curriculum but not in most users' courses (though there have been people reporting seeing them on their phone): https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37580687. I don't think they're supposed to be there at all.

I tried assigning 'Past Tense 1' and it's saying my account already completed it in August 2019. That to me would indicate it's an old skill that has since been removed from the tree. But I also just realized that the words that are supposedly introduced in these five skills are the same as the ones included in the Christmas bonus skill (in the French curriculum, at least).

Best to cancel the 'Past Tense 3' assignment and assign a different skill that covers the past tense you want.

Edit: Edited my comment a little because I mistakenly assumed you taught French.


I'll report this on the Educator's Network and try to get an answer for you. The short answer, as Atervanda says above, is that the trees were re-designed last year to be CEFR compliant (similar to the ACTFL), and skills are now couched in topics rather than in grammar sets.


The assignment isn't available at the moment because it is an experimental skill and the student isn't a part of the experiment.

Our dev team is now working on resolving this so that it isn't a future concern.



Does this mean that CEFR French trees are adding back important dedicated "grammar skills" so you can teach them in a more formal way (including T&N)?

What A/B experiment testing is done right now?
Some people have on the last 158 skill tree additional skills or is this a new French tree?

Or does it only apply to the CEFR Spanish tree where leftover grammar skills are still there in the last two sections?


Thomas.Heiss, I am unfamiliar with the abbreviation T&N. Could you please tell me what it stands for? Thank you!


This is from a year ago, so you have probably already figured it out, but I wanted to know, too, so I did a little searching. He is referring to Tips & Notes Duolingo attaches to lessons.


:) Thank you, MadameFallang!

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