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How can I assign more advanced students a different skill to the one assigned to most of the class?

April 10, 2020



You have several choices:

  1. Assign several different skills, and tell the students on the earlier levels that they don't have to worry about the later levels. Then, when you are grading, check the later level only for the students whom you asked to complete it.

  2. You can assign XP. Students will self-select the level they want.

  3. You could create two different classes, and move students who need a different level to the other class. Students can be moved easily between classes, so you can adjust as the year goes on.

  4. You could have your faster-track students do "The Reverse Tree." Have them set their native language to your target language, and add English as their course. This will only work on those languages where Duo offers both sides. They can still stay in your classroom. But, there is a possibility that the assignment won't show up for them, which brings me to my last possibility...

  5. You could differentiate upon grading. This is the way I usually do it. For those students that you need to differentiate, be it high-flyers or people who need more support, I look at their individual activity log and make my decision.

I hope this helps! Keep asking questions. We are all in this together.


Thank you. I'll try making a separate group first, but maybe one of your other suggestions would be more straightforward, I'll just give it a go.


Tell us what you think when you've experimented a bit!

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