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"The children read a short book."

Translation:De kinderen lezen een kort boek.

July 18, 2014



I guess kort is one of those adjectives that doesn't get the added e

July 18, 2014


No, there is no -e here because boek is a het-word and has an indefinite article in this sentence. See the tips & notes at Adjectives Basic. For example, it would be:

"De kinderen lezen het korte boek."

July 18, 2014


I see, thanks. Those sneaky het words. I have to start memorizing them :)

July 19, 2014


Isn't a verb typically placed in the end so why isn't this written as - De kinderen het kort boek lezen ?

August 15, 2019


Verbs are not normally placed at the end of a sentence. Dutch actually has relatively strict word order here, and the verb has to go in the second position.

- De kinderen lezen een kort boek = correct
- De kinderen een kort boek lezen = incorrect
- Lezen de kinderen een kort boek = question word order

Maybe you're thinking of "De kinderen zijn een kort boek aan het lezen"?

August 27, 2019


Why can't I use lees rater than lezen?

January 27, 2016


Children = plural, hence you need to use the 3rd person plural lezen instead of the 3rd person singular lees

January 27, 2016


Im this far in and i still have zero idea when to use het vs de?

October 2, 2019
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