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"Je suis sûre que rien ne va nous retarder."

Translation:I'm sure nothing is going to delay us.

April 10, 2020



what is the difference between rien and rien ne?


Rien always comes in negative sentences, and ne is part of the negation structure in french grammar. So depending on the meaning and the structure of the sentence, ne may come right after rien, (if rien is subject for instance), but not always.


Thanks. If not always do you just have to remember every use separately?


You should not use "rien" without "ne" but in some cases, "ne" comes first because "rien" is an object:

  • Je ne sais rien.
  • Je ne suis sûr(e) de rien


I think '...nothing is going to make us late' would be an appropriate translation here.


Why is it sure instead of sur, with accents of course?


it's the feminine form of the adjective because the speaker is a woman. Sûr is masculine and if you add an -e sûre becomes feminine.


Thanks, makes sense, but I've been marked wrong on other exercises matching the gender to the speaker. Oh well!


This is the kind of thing people used to say back before Covid.

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