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"Can you give these documents to Alice?"

Translation:Tu peux donner ces documents à Alice ?

April 10, 2020



Haven't we learned elsewhere in Duo that, in French, the "can you" or "will you" is often implied in a question? So shouldn't "Vous donnez ces documents à Alice ?" be accepted?


This "can" may or may not be just a polite way to give an order, especially since there is no "please". The speaker may be asking whether the other person has the possibility or opportunity to perform the action.

That is what will distinguish "tu peux donner/vous pouvez donner" from "tu donnes/vous donnez".


Yes, it may or may not. How are we supposed to know?


If you aren't sure, then know that you will never be marked wrong by using "pouvoir".


In another exercise there was no "please": Tu m'expliques comment ça marche? Can you explain to me how this works? and it was accepted


Whats wrong with Pouvez vous donner ces documents a Alice


Try with Pouvez-vous donner ces documents à Alice ?


That is what I put, but I have an English keyboard so I couldn't put the accent in when I wrote the query. On the lesson I had their letters to use and did put the a with an accent.


Even if you wrote "à" with its accent, the missing hyphen was enough to reject your answer. The reason is that the checker saw two words instead of one and one space too many.


Ok. It should be accepted then. Did you report it ? Just click on my answer should be accepted.

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